All the hairy ladies

I have thick, brown hair. It's lush, it's wild and it's everywhere. I probably have as much hair as half the guys that I have slept with. There's only one difference; they don't have to spend thousands of euros and as much hours on shaving. 

When I was a teen I was very conscience of my hairy body. All the blonde, pretty girls didn't seem to have any problems keeping their eyebrows in order, they didn't give boys the creeps because of a mustache and they didn't (well I don't really know this for sure, but i'm guessing it's true) spent 2 hours each night before gym making sure there wasn't a patch of hairy leg left (as if gym itself wasn't bad enough). 

I made a promise to myself to get a laser-hair-removal-treatment-thing the moment I would turn 18. That would mean no more mean comments about my nose hair, No more worrying about my legs. I wanted that silky smooth commercial skin and  was going to get it. I saved all my money so I could get the treatment; 400 euros a leg and it had to be done at least 3 times (like I said; very thick dark hairs). So in total it would cost me a minimum of 2400 euros. Just for my legs alone.

Luckily, I also got my first real boyfriend at 18. And you know what? He wasn't disgusted by my body hair. He didn't refuse to kiss me when I forgot to pluck my face. And he never refused sex because I had been to lazy to shave. I realised suddenly I didn't care anymore about all that...  And anyway, I would never have to face gym ever again. So what was the point of spending 2400 euros on a  treatment that would only give my hairless legs? Do you know how many Docs I could buy with that money? At lot.

We're 5 years later now and in that time I've conducted a simple method for deciding whether to shave
or not.

The most important thing about this though is that I don't think we should live in a society that demands women (or anybody, really) to be hairless... I don't get it. The main reason I still shave is because I don't like the feeling of scruffy legs. But they only ended up that way because I was "forced" to shave in the first place. Had nobody brainwashed my teenage mind, my leg hair would resemble my arm hair; smooth, soft and not in anybody's way. Don't you agree it's also kind of perverted how we want girls to stay so childlike when it comes to bodyhair? Everytime I see my fully shaved vagina I can't help but  feeling a little disgusted (which is why I have a cleanly trimmed bush right now).

But I'm not going to pretend to know all the answers... How will we stop society from forcing this
image of a perfect woman (who's got nothing natural about her) onto the influenceable minds of teenage girls? How do you change a world in which hair is so forbidden that even in shaving commercials the girls are shaving naked legs?

Can step 1 please be to just stop judging the hairy?

A few years ago I took the train home and I was sitting on one of those 4-seatspots. A friend of a friend - a handsome guy - was complaining about one of his girl housemates who never shaved her armpits. "THAT'S DISGUSTING, RIGHT?", the guy screamed out in dismay. Next thing he does is take of his sweater and reveals the hairiest armpits I have ever seen. 

Of course I chose this example because it shows the double standards society has. So, when I say stop judging what I mean is: point out the hypocrisy in situations like this.  Stand by your friends' decision to shave or not. And when somebody you know decides it's best for her or him to get a wax, buy them chocolate or a loud album... that shit hurts!

Everybody should get to make their own decisions on what to do with their body hair whether it's boys shaving their chest hair or girls growing out their pubes.

Your body, your choice. Do I really have to remind you?