Don't be a wanker

A couple of weeks ago I was riding the tram along with one of my best friends. We hadn't seen each other in a while so we were pretty excited. As we were laughing and talking, I suddenly noticed the guy sitting next to us. To my disbelief he was jerking off while staring right at me.

I had no idea how to react, I was shocked that someone would even do that. I told my friend that we had to go sit somewhere else and kind of just laughed it off. She didn't really know what was going on, "What's up?" she whispered. While explaining what just had happened, I felt disgusted. Not only the fact that someone was masturbating in public, but foremost that he was staring right at me whilst doing so. It was a relief to get out of that crammed place and get some fresh air.

Only two days later, I fully grasped what had happened. I felt shocked but also ashamed, although I hadn't done anything wrong. I shouldn't have been the one to feel ashamed, as clearly that guy was wide of the mark. Women all over the world face similar or worse situations everyday but we're not the ones who should feel ashamed. It's the guys who do it, the bystanders that don't do anything about it, the people who ask "yeah, but what were you wearing?" that should feel ashamed. (I'd like to point out that in my situation there were no other people around to react). Anyway, it's the people that these kind of things happen to that often feel guilty, ashamed or embarrassed and that's not ok. 

I have no problem with people wanking off at all, in private that is. But making me the object of this, against my will, is a violation of my integrity. So to all the weirdo's out there who think this is ok: IT'S NOT.