The obligatory Kathleen Hanna post

You should never underestimate the power of a role model. Especially for girls, since it's kinda hard being one in a world that's not build for us. Seeing someone who one way or another reminds you of yourself going out in the world and kick some serious ass can be insanely empowering and inspiring to do stuff of your own. So speaking of those, have I told you already how amazing Kathleen Hanna is?

So far I've always had two main role models in my life: Caitlin Moran and Kathleen Hanna. I've always loved Moran for her amazing writing, a personality that's almost as big as her hair and the fact that she was already a music journalist and a more interesting person then I'll ever be when she was only 16 years old. The reason why I'm inspired by Hanna is pretty simple: she's the ultimate riot grrrl. I'm just one of probably thousands of girls she inspired to a punkrock feminist way of life.  Oh my, imagine the magic that would happen if you put the Caitlin and the Kathleen in a room together. I'd sign up for the role as fly on the wall asap.

So when we heard that The Julie Ruin was coming to play in Brussels, of course a lot of jumping up and down happened here at our couch at the Wolf-headquarters. Not only would I get to see Kathleen Hanna perform her latest album "Hit Reset", which I absolutely love, I would - well - see Kathleen Hanna. And that right before we organize our first event with Girls go BOOM. A project about girls in music that's inspired by riot grrrl as obvious as the run in my cheap stockings is at the moment.

Hanna is now 48 and although she has had her fair share of life throwing lemonades, she's still performing. She even rocks a tight leotard on stage while doing dance moves the same way Phoebe runs in the parc - careless, happy and not giving a fuck. Botanique's La Rotonde was the perfect venue for The Julie Ruin's show allowing for an intimite atmosphere that totally suited their fresh popsongs accompanied by Hanna's voice that somehow seems to sound punk and ladylike at the same time. And the wit that comes out of that girl, it makes you sometimes think Amy Sherman-Palladino has a hand in her lines.

Alas, my backstage-sneaking skills lead me to nowhere this time (fuck you Live Nation) so I'll just tell it this way: Kathleen, you're very much invited to one of our Girls go BOOM parties. We'd love to rebel with you.