Femijizz in my pants

When I heard Deap Vally's raunchy riffs for the first time, I broke all SMS etiquette and sent a fully capitalized text to my friend saying: "HOLY SHIT. CHECK DEAP VALLY. NOW". I was immediately smitten with this LA two-piece and their bold blues-rock songs of pure pussy power.  And then Deap Vally announced a Brussels stop on their European tour and the thought of seeing my newly discovered favorite band live got my blazing crush even more fired up. If my fandom was a teenage boy, it would have hidden under the sheets with a spare sock.

So on Friday 23rd September me and Anke went to see Deap Vally at VK in Brussels. Walking over to the venue, a 30-something old British woman stops us. "Are you by any chance going to VK?" "Yes!" "Oh thank god. I swear I am a pronounced feminist, but I wasn't really comfortable walking in Molenbeek on my own." I'm sure that after being at the Deap Vally gig, next time this lady gets scared walking alone at night, she'll just sing the single of their second album Femijism "Smile More" in her head and walk straight through.

Cause that's what a Deap Vally concert does with you. These ladies are so damn fierce you kind of just have to be the same. In their honour. After listening to their second album Femijism you have to quit that job you hate because that's what singer-guitarist Lindsey Troy would do. You need to call that guy out on his sexism cause sure as hell drummer Julie Edwards wouldn't let him walk over her. Move over Patronus, Deap Vally is going to scare my Dementors away from now on. Also, they wear leopard printed glitter outfits and that's just how I always imagined my spirit animal to look like.

Okay, back to their set, which was a right fireballer. When Deap Vally hits the stage, you can sense their unstoppable desire to blow the roof of the place. These ladies are on a clear mission to rock your face off and no sir, they don't hold prisoners. Their give-no-fuck messaging in rumbling songs as "Make My Own Money", "Walk of Shame" en "Bad for my Body" (I'm going to make this song my personal anthem, it basically sums up my every weekend) are as inspiring as they are fun to dance to. These girls are steamy live performers, destined to rock the stage. Barefooted.

So in that same no-shame spirit that the band is all about, it's time I admit something rather embarassing to you: Deap Vally makes me Femijizz in my pants. My infatuation for this band is clearly becoming something more than just a springtime fling, this is love. But it's not like we're monogamous or something. I can still see other bands.