The official Tinder drinking game

As you’re a human being living in 2016, you’re probably already familiar with the workings of Tinder. It’s basically the most asocial form of socializing that you can practice – sitting alone on your couch on a Thursday night while working your way through a bag of chips and straining your wrist swiping impossible suitors to the left in search of that one guy or girl who’d like to touch your dirty bits and laugh with your jokes.

Like anyone who has ever seen the 50 Shades of Grey movie will agree – shitty things become way more fun when you make a drinking game out of it. So gather your friends, open up a bottle of wine and make swiping into a game. Let’s be honest, you were probably never finding a guy on there who will appreciate your Lucille Ball references anyway.


So here are the rules – tested and approved by the WOLF-crew on many occasion. These rules are based on our own Tinder experiences, swiping for straight guys that is. But I’m sure you gay gals and fellows out there can adapt them when needed.

While swiping, take a sip whenever you come across:

  • A description saying: “Me? I like having fun.” Like really, who isn’t?
  • A guy without a shirt taking a picture of himself in the mirror (what’s up with that?). Double shot if he mentions that he goes to the gym.
  • A profile with only group pictures so after watching the entire thing you still have no idea who the guy is.
  • An inspirational quote about how life should really be lived.
  • Man on a mountain.
  • Someone you know in real life. Double shot if you've already hooked up.
  • When he obviously already has a girlfriend.
  • A person showing an unnatural amount of affection for his pet. Double shot if it’s a horse.
  • Accidentally giving someone a Superlike. If it was a friend swiping on your profile, double shot for the guilty one.
  • A name that makes you think: You could be a live person, but you could also be a piece of Ikea furniture.
  • You have a match. Drink to celebrate and bring on the awkward conversation!